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Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Let’s Learn English, one, two, three…

This is the first time  i use english for my post. Appropriate with the title, it seems that i will use english in several of my post, because there’s some of my foreign friends that critize my blog.
“why don’t u use english?” or “there’s to many indonesian, i can’t understand...” 81
Well, thats fine, i ‘m very open to receive any comment and critism. Actually there’s a translator here, but maybe (or true?) it’s not working and didn’t solve our language problem. I think this blog will be much used if i write something that can understand by people all around the world. (Why indonesian can’t be international language…Aaaa, its pretty easier then..). I’m still beginner in English, so definitely there’s so many grammar mistake and so on. i’m sorry for the inconvenient. Please told me for a better change.
So happy reading, and dont forget to give any critics, comment, or just write in shoutbox. I really appreciate it…04

Best regards,

6 komentar:

  1. don't be shy if you posts indonesian, be proud of indonesian... No matter what your friend says, we might not worry. Actually if we posts in Indonesian, it shows our identity, we introduce Indonesia.
    but it's not problem if you learn English, but just for learn and use it well. don't learn because of your friend or your boyfriend (hehehe), etc. from yourself is the best.
    (iki ketoke grammare yo akeh salahe,hahahahaha)

  2. yoo, actually i just added google translate widget, and i think the translation was pretty good,

    i still write in indonesian, but maybe sometimes i will post something in english, just to increase my knowledge, not to attract some1...pih=.=

  3. dont khawatir jangan worry,
    meskipun ga pake english bukan berarti ada yang suka
    maksudnya bukan berarti ga ada yang suka..
    seperti yang baru saja kamu katakan padaku,
    "siapa tahu,suatu hari taemin akan melihat blogku"

  4. I think it's better if you use Indonesian-English so many people can understand it

  5. Learn English is a simplest things to learn knowledges,, coz so many reference books written in English,,,

    Wak3--> nasib mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang buku referensinya dah ga ada yang bahasa Indonesia,,,,,,,,

  6. @intution:
    y itu slh satu alasan juga..
    berapa mbk toefl terakhir? 700-an..? tanya..= =,

    ngomong2 karpet pumpnya?
    di Amplas tdk adkh?*meksa..


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