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Senin, 30 September 2013

A Note

As people, we do must have a good relationship with others. According to Mifta’s posting last time, I got slightly an idea from different view, but maybe it has the same meaning. Mifta’s posting was about how we can not change people, whether its characteristic, personality, or the bad habit.
She said that…
"Mereka mungkin bisa berubah. Tapi itu hanya sesaat. And when they got a chance, saat ada celah, kemungkinan besar mereka akan kembali ke hal dan kebiasaan buruk yang ada dalam dirinya." - A friend of Mifta.
In the end the conclusion was..
Never put a very-high expectation that someday, they will change for you.

Its true that we created by Allah in many different shape, characteristics, and so on. I do agree with statement above, in other ways.. we can’t change ourself just because someone told us to do so. The one that must being questioned is the person who asked us to change. It just somewhat, mean that they had a friendship with us because of a reason. I mean, maybe they’re the one that didn’t see us just like us.
In our days, peoples like that are everywhere. People that only see you because of (maybe) your parents, financial, bla bla bla, not because just who you are. Sometimes you found this kind of people after you had a deep connection with them. And sometimes it would be broke your heart, knowing that a friend or a  person you believe simply say a word like, “Hey, our characteristic somewhat was not matching, I’m sorry I made mistake by asked you for being my friend.” and then go away.
Being surround by this kind people is somewhat make us feeling sick. But that’s the life. Life isnt just about happy experience. There’s a quote:
We don’t meet people by accident. They’re meant to cross our path for a reason. (nn)
A good reason actually, by meeting them you know how to pick a good friends in the other days, how to struggle the pain and  convert it to motivation, and also to being a Kaffah Muslim/ah.  Also, always remember that there’s many people out there deserves you. The one that see you just like you and the one that have a self-confident being friends with you. Beside, don’t forget to treated your friend   nicely and behave properly.

ditulis dikala sumpek mengerjakan penelitian orang dan penelitian sendiri… Duit ga cair-caiiiirrrrr….(=__=)

12 komentar:

  1. aaa...seneng postinganku bisa menginspirasi kamu buat nulis ini bu.... :3

    benerr...people came for a reason, either it might be good, or bad. Kayak postinganku yang kmrn digabung sma postingan "the one who came, the one who left"...

    baguss...terutama kalimat "also, always remember that there’s many people out there deserves you.". itulah kenapa kita ga boleh memaksa buat ttep deket sma orang yang gak-baik...

    1. lagi onlen ternyata..iya mif, daripada merusak diri sendiri...lebih baik membuka diri untuk berteman dengan orang yang menerima diri kita apa adanya.. *ya ampun tumben bahasanku abot.

      sebenarnya inti dari posting-an ini itu yg bagian 'duit ga cair caiiirrr' sih...

  2. super sekali sodara jeng2

  3. ternyata banyak yg masih bangun jam segini.. 0.0)
    terimakasih atas komennya kisanak penta..

  4. Balasan
    1. *tribute to Laptop yang menemaniku 4 tahun di masa perkuliahan

  5. people, they have different character and opinions each other. adsorb what is useful and disregard what is useless

    1. Setujaaa, ikuti yang baik-baik saja.. :)

  6. For me, even she/he is being not good for us, they are still our friend. No matter what, but sometimes humans (like we are) are "trapped" by emotional which is make us (sometimes) don't want to make him/her as a friend. A good story comes from our prophet, we all knew, somebody who hate our prophet ever spitted him when our prophet walked the way of mosque for shalat. He was being spitted everyday. As we all knew, in the end of the story, our prophet was visit him when he got sick. Subhanallah. The question is "can we follow the example from Him?"
    *sorry for my bad english, i'm trying!

    1. what if, you ever trying to, pretending all was okay and trying for being friends with the one that hurt you. But suddenly you realize that, even if you forgive them, the pain wasn't go anywhere, you can not be happy seeing them happy. Bukankah itu penyakit hati?
      There's people who can handdle his/her emotional feeling after being treated like that, but for those who don't, maybe its better to have some kind of space, or maybe time to healing themself, to let go those people. So when the time goes by, when we see those people in the future, we happy as ourself, we can be happy for them, and forgiving the past. ... Sepertinya begitu...
      *grammarku acakadut..

  7. after all, trying hard to meet everyone's expectation is soooo tiring.
    so why bother? hahahahahahahahaha

    1. iya, jadi diri sendiri saja, orang lain mau menerima atau tidak itu hak mereka.. :) ululuu..


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