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Minggu, 18 April 2010

Clown, scary creature…

clown Clown, a people who wearing a funny masks to attract and entertain the other people. Ussualy found in an event, circuss, or just in kid’s birthday. The clown’s mask show a smiley face expresses joy and never think of sorrow. For some people it’s very interesting to see his act, but for the some other, it’s annoyed.

I don’t really like clown. I don’t know why but, it’s little creepy to see them. In psychological, a person who scared to clown is had a some phobia, called Coulrophobia. Coulrophobia is an abnormal fear of clown,  The condition is common among children, but is also sometimes found in teenagers and adults.It can also be caused by seeing a sinister portrayal of a clown in the media or film. But for me, i like Joker than ‘smiley’ clown. Why?

A clown always hide his true feelings and let himself smile even if he’s not. Always pretend that everything’s okay and push himself to go forward. We don’t know wheter he/she sad or maybe angry. It’s scary, cause we don’t know when will he show up his true feelings. We don’t know which one is his/her true act. It’s scarier because, in any case, once he show his true feelings, it will blow up and no one can handle it.TheJoker

Sometimes, I think Joker, a character in Batman Begins film, is better. He is a clown, but he didn’t falsified his true feelings. With a sad  make up, or maybe an evil face, he shows to the world that he eksis. His true feelings maybe not to good to follow, but his desire to shows his true feeling is right. He didn’t want to know how other people think about him and always honest to himself. I wish i can be a Joker.(in this case).

This day, there’s so many clown outside there. With smiled face but pain inside.Me, you, many people ever experience how to be a clown. We know it’s better to unhide our feelings, but many case impose us to the other side. We can’t blame him for not honest to us, of course, if he/she had a good motive.

In some situation, i think becoming a clown is permitted.  I dont mean that we must hide our feelings, but sometimes its needed to keep someone feeling happy. But always remember not to push ourself too much, or we will be a real ‘clown’.


5 komentar:

  1. if you are Joker, I will be Penguin... (????)
    just what thinking, actually I'm not affraid to see clown, just ordinary character.

  2. still had a crush to heath ledger? watch Brokeback Mountain, u will 'like' him more...wkwk

  3. @arsenewenggar:
    ha2, definitely i prefer joker, penguin's face is double creepy thn joker..ha2><

    dont ruin my perception above heath ledger...==,

  4. yyy, btw daruma yg kau idam2kan ad loo yg jual disini..

    brsn aku ke BM, ternyata...
    menghindri pajak itu menynangkan juga..*gila

  5. @roni-tmbh kriminal drimu...
    bs2ny bli septu y g pnting bls
    kyk i2..mending ditbung dwtny..


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