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Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

I saw a ghost?

That day, I came late to home because I must find my assignment reference. It was raining hard, and I weared my raincoat and drove to Malang City General Library. I couldn’t borrow a book that day because I didn’t bring my member card, so I had just  read and wrote my assigment in that place. I was in Library until 8pm. There’s nothing wrong until I came to my home.ClingakClinguk
It was about 8.30 pm when I reach my home. The raining was over and I was open my gate’s home, when suddenly my eyes catched some familiar figure in the end of the road in front of my house, its about 7 m. A kid was standing there, I couldn’t see him, because he seen the same direction with me, looking to someone’s home. So I just saw his back. 12024354220[3]

In that situation, I think he is my neighboor’s son and he was playing around. But when I think again, its to late to playing and there’s no adult around him.
I looked at my neighboor’ home and its quiet too. I wonder why the parents didn’t ask him to go home. But when I looked at him again. I almost had a heart attack.010_ I didn’t know if my eyes was not clear to saw it or not, but it looks like he flew in the air. Not really fly, but his foot didn’t step in the ground. takut
He’s still looking the same direction and do nothing. After that? of course I ran as fast as lightning into my house. I even forgot that my motorcycle still in front of the gate. At last, I ask my brother to pick it without saying nothing about the experience I had before.
Whoa, its really my first time seeing something unusual like that. Although I like watching horror movies and horror reality show (?) alone, it’s pretty spooky to see them with my own eyes. Still I hope he’s a human. But however, Hope he don’t show up again…Amin. Sedih[3]
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