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Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Amazing Last Year

so this is the first post in this beloved new year. Everyone had posted many kinds of articles about their resolution. But i ‘m not that  extrovert, so I decide to not publish my own resolution in this blog. friends (in the same school as me), so do my children (well, I’m an homeroom teacher actually) sometimes opened my blog and kepo-ing (knowing everything in particular object) all of my shamelessly article<---forget my grammar. its..embarassing..hiks2 (but it just a matter of time and they will forget my blog) aha. I have resolution of course, but I choose to write a big size of my resolution in a sticky paper and stick that in my boarding room, mostly in my mirror. My mirror just to big to me, so its not a problem to stick many paper around. And its easier for me to motivated everyday to achieve that because I see it everyday.

So last year was the first year for me to be a full independent worker woman. Tiring at first, doing everything by myself in foreign city (still in Indonesia actually, for now, lalala), but now I’m really happy. I have 39 kids, with many characters and naughtiness. Its hard being a single mother (well, single homeroom teacher actually). Always take eye to all of them, hearing all their problem, having a good relation with their parents and so on. Oh ya, the last first week in this month, I had a big day as a homeroom teacher, a term report day.. (lebay edition)

Well, maybe for the other senior teachers its not a big deal. You know, I ever expelled by night school guard when I was doing my children reports in a night working hours, because he tought im a schooler not a teacher. I wonder how could it be when the parents know that their children’ homeroom teacher still a newbie like me, huhu.  Alhamdullilah, I can pass through that.  Horay :D

In this new home I met many kinds of people. And mostly different from my tipical friends before, So is the culture. Really..really..different from Malang. honestly, I had a hard time to adapted, but ya..I think im more comfortable now. My CPNS friends is very solid. We do many kinds of social work and sometimes gather together. I also have wonderful boarding home’s friend, Lina and Mbak Ana, my CPNS friend also. They from Central of java and seldom went to their hometown at weekend. Lina was several time going to Malang, but Mbak Ana wasn’t. Sure she does have a plan in the future.

I join Komtari KeHati (Komunitas Pelestari Keanekaragaman Hayati)   in Probolinggo city. Last Year, we had many kind of event,  like comparative study to Trenggalek-Blitar and distribute 1000 lime seed in Jrebeng Village, Probolinggo.   I also join in ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap)-Care for Humanity as a volunteers. And it was amazing. I found that I really enjoy myself to be involved in a social Work. Next, I hope I can join female Kajian somewhere. I still don’t know where to find it near here.

This year, I found myself included in Sertifikasi Guru 2015 list. Well, its unbelieveable because im still CPNS, but Alhamdullilah :D. Now I will follow the process, hopefully I can get into UKG (or UKA) list.  I think it will be hard for CPNS to get in PLPG list. So.. I enjoy every step and im sure Allah will give the best for me. InsyaAllah.. ^_^

My dad recovered from his illness. after had a wrong diagnosis that made the disease getting worse. Alhamdullilah. but still his diabetic must be maintained. My brother got into English Education in UM, and he had an amazing IP in the first semester, 3,71. Well, I think he enjoyed his study more than before. Haaa, I miss my family, I hope we can always make my parents happy this year, and the next next and neeext year. Aamiin..

I had a wonderful 2014. I hope I have an amazing 2015 also. Aamiin


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  1. hihi, finally, a new post,,
    hmm...have an amazing 2015,, new place, new friend, new life...
    do the best, be the best, and always give the best... :D

  2. Yaa, hope we can get a better year and a better us, InsyaAllah.. :D


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