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Senin, 15 Desember 2014

Getting sick in the busiest week, alhamdullilah..

Here i am, lying in bed, eyes open wide looking at the ceiling,,
this is the first day ive absent from school. Yes, this is the last week in school, that means heaven for the students and hell for the teacher, kidding.

This is the busiest week in a semester, for class teachers, i supposed to be in school. Doing my assignments, as a class teacher, as a UAS secretary, as a cpns, etc.
Supposed to be..humans plans, God do the rest.

For about 2 weeks i had a very 'amburadul' life style, not get chance to sleep, missing dinner and breakfast sometimes. Ya, that was my mistake to be in this condition.
I finnaly get sick.

But luckily, my body know the best time to fell..
I get sick when i was in my parents home in malang.
I wonder what kind of circumtances i had to face if i get sick in my boarding house. Alone, without my family, just like lina when she was hospitalized for about 4 days in probolinggo,while her family was in kudus...

the doctors order me to hospitalized for a couple days.
Well, let me forget all of my job right now and have a peaceful time in my bed. I hope i can get well sooner and go back to probolinggo as my body done doing the healing process. :3


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  1. woww,, get well soon bu, me too...seems to be the busiest week, not-so-good weather, and...the body that felt so tired...semangat anyway... :D


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